Our Mission, Our Vision, Our Goal, & Our Team. 

 Mission: JOURNEY ON! is a 501 c 3 non-profit dedicated to helping  at-risk populations transform their lives through the use of       wilderness experiences (Eco-Therapy), and various Trauma Conscious modalities. Journey On's programs focus on the 9 dimensions   of Whole Body Wellness (social, mental, emotional, spiritual, environmental, occupational, nutritional, intellectual, and physical well-   being),  which build a solid foundation for an individual to thrive, not just survive.

 Vision: JOURNEY ON! believes in the potential of everyone..We must remember that each one of us is a work in   progress. Each day there is a chance to learn, love, and grow. We believe that as the individual heals, the   family heals, and this makes for healthy and thriving communities.

 Goal: JOURNEY ON! is committed to guiding people through their journey of unlocking that potential,   reengaging with life, becoming self-reliant, practicing self- respect and ultimately flourishing in a life of     authentic happiness.

Tracy Sigdestad

As the Founder and CEO of Journey On, Tracy brings decades of wilderness experience to the program. Tracy has a robust background in working with at risk youth and women's groups, facilitating adventure team building experiences for other businesses and organizations, and utilizing the wilderness to reconnect with one's soul intention.


Tracy holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Outdoor Education, with an emphasis on Environmental Education and Adventure Programs and a minor in American Indian Studies. Her Master of Science is in Sustainability with an emphasis on Personal and Community Resiliency, Flourishing, and Leadership.


Tracy is a Wilderness First Responder and a Master Educator Instructor for Leave No Trace. Tracy utilizes Nature Based Practices, Applied Transpersonal Eco-Psychology, Contemplative Practices, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), and TFT (Thought Field Therapy) to foster individual growth and personal awakening.

Judi Joba

Judi is owner and operator of Eagles Ride Equine Center located in Piedmont South Dakota. Judi has a Master's degree in Animal Science and Education, is a certified counselor through Central Michigan University, and is a Level 1 certified practitioner with EAGALA Inc. (Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association). She is a gifted Reiki Master and Ordained Ministerial Counselor and works a a team member with various health care professionals in the Rapid City area. 

Judi facilitates Equine Assisted  Counseling & Psychotherapy, Personal Development, and Group Dynamics and Team Building programs. Journey On contracts with Judi to facilitate Equine Assisted Craniosacral Therapy as part of the retreats we offer. 

Judi loves teaching people of all ages about horses, connectedness to the Creator, and caring for all sentient beings. She loves all critters and being outside in the natural world.

Tobias Kaufman

Tobias, owner and operator of Tobias Healing Arts LLC, grew up in Mitchell, South Dakota on a working ranch.
He spent twenty years working as a health care professional doing cardiac and
vascular ultrasounds before embarking on a new path as a Hypnotherapist and Reiki Master.
In his previous career in conventional Western Medicine, Tobias yearned to find ways to help his patients beyond their physical needs. He understood the need to maintain peace and balance in their emotional lives.
By shifting into Hypnotherapy, Reiki and Shamanic Healing, he is able to help
his clients find physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance. 

Tobias completed 500 hours of training in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Natal and Past Life Regression Therapy at the Hypnotherapy Academy of America.
He also holds a Master Level in Usui Reiki and is a full Mesa carrier 
in the Shamanic Traditions.

Tobias is the facilitator of True Bear Healing Retreats that fosters a connection with nature and one's own true being. These retreats allow participants to experience the peace that comes from just being, ultimately getting closer to knowing one's purpose.

Mary Kate Nelson

Mary Kate is a true pioneer woman, living off grid for the last 18 years in the southern Black Hills, near Hot Springs. Canyon Calm, a most fitting name for her homestead is an earth berm structure, built with recycled materials, that utilizes solar panels for electricity and wood heat.


Mary Kate takes sustainability and self sufficiency to a new level with growing a majority of her own food, and gleaning from the endless abundance in the local area that is available in the fall season.


Canyon Calm is not only her home, but a Cultural Learning and Event Center that has hosted numerous gatherings, including:  “Gathering of Eagles” Spiritual Unity of Tribes, where elders share the wisdom they have acquired in their lifetimes; Spiritual Woodstock 2013, as well as solstice and equinox gatherings and several kid's camps over the years.

Mary Kate's passion and skill for sewing led her to creating the business, Canyon Calm Tipis. Not only does she sew the tipi covers, she harvests, dries, and peels the trees for the tipi poles. 

Mary Kate holds a Associate of Science degree, is a Certified Nurse's aid, and has a background in Life Training and Codependency, and facilitation of Women's groups.

Mary Kate believes in the idea of living in community, and is dedicated to helping others move forward in finding their voice, speak from the heart and recognize their truths. This is a path she has walked, continues to walk and looks forward to supporting you on your journey of healing. 

Joe Sigdestad

Secretary of Journey On!

Trail guide extraordinaire.

Base camp aficionado. 

Youth Mentor.

Jack of all trades! 

Angelena Plummer 

   Angelena is a Certified Professional Life Coach and Licensed Professional Counselor with a Qualified Mental Health Provider designation practicing in Rapid City, South Dakota.


Agelena provides clinical counseling guidance to participants in a positive way both during and following Journey On retreats and programs. She also provides ethical guidance and cultivates cohesiveness among the facilitators of these retreats and programs.

Angelena is a self-proclaimed lover of life, who loves the wonders of nature and is fascinated by perspectives. She is humbled by her work with people and holds the utmost commitment to her clients.​ It is her personal intention to live every day, with love in her heart, gratitude in her life, and wonder for the world. 


As a professional life coach and mental health counselor, Angelena uses the art of perspective taking (phenomenology) to help people realize the choices they have in how they view their lives. She helps people use the power of their thoughts to start letting go of their problems and shift their focus towards more of what they are seeking. 
Common outcomes include:
-having a better day in general
-getting more enjoyment out of life
-increased experience through the 5 senses 
(mind-body connection)
-increased sense of calm and centeredness
-less anxiety
-improved resilience to stress
-reconnecting with dreams and desires
-improved connectedness in relationships
-improved personal congruency
-personal sense of worth
-ability to know and embrace oneself

Angelena's practice is established to bring more love to the world and relief and enjoyment to the lives of her clients. She truly believes that people can do, be, and have anything they want. Angelena is here to help people find out what that is and how to get there.

Trudy Draskovic

Trudy grew up on a working farm/ranch on the South Dakota plains. She holds a Bachelor degree in Native American Studies and Sociology. Trudy (RYT) studied Real Evolution Yoga methodology, earning a 200 hr instructor certification. Trudy specializes in Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness Yoga. As owner and operator of True Bear Yoga, she desires to share her passion for yoga and health. Yoga has been Trudy's medicine, transforming her cognitively, emotionally, and physically. You can expect to leave her class with a profound sense of self-care and well-being.

Trudy has experience in wilderness retreats as the co-facilitator  (with Tobias Kaufman) of “True Bear Healing Retreats”. 

She is an advocate of alternative healing modalities and connects with the natural elements in a uniquely enlightened way, believing that all of creation speaks and anyone can connect and hear, when still and willing.

Trudy's desire is to assist other humans to develop their ability to listen and thus live a richer life with a deeper knowledge of oneself. She works beautifully with those who are seeking the deep internal peace that connecting to nature can provide.

Kim Hughes-Baus

Kim is a Journey On Board member. and has been a facilitator of a woman’s circle since 1996. She is a Certified Teacher in the State of South Dakota with special endorsements related to birth through 12th grade, early childhood, special education, kindergarten, language arts, math, science and social science. She also has Master level coursework related to early childhood education, growth and development, social, culture, family, psychology, abuse, addiction, program management, professionalism, nature and the arts.

Kim grew up on the Crow Reservation in Montana and has been a South Dakota resident since 1981.

 As a teen, she suffered loss of a parent which lead to actions with consequences that involved being a runaway, juvenile detention, group home, foster care, and counseling with successful recovery. She is a woman of strength, knowledge, spirituality, and love. She is dedicated to helping others find that path.


Journey On! employs and contracts with local professionals in the fields of outdoor and adventure education, wilderness therapy, yoga & meditation, reiki, youth counseling, addiction services, life coaching, and much more!

If you are interested in joining our team of professionals, please contact Tracy at: may.you.journeyon@gmail.com.

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